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Harry Potter Marching Uniforms- this is so incredibly ridiculous/nerdy, i had to repin it. and why do griffindor's have a cape? i hate capes!

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One of those classic taglines that everyone remembers...if you grew up in the era of Tootsie Roll Pops. And sad for you if you didn't.

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One time our director kept doing this right before my friend's drum solo, she's in percussion. And on like the 5th time the trumpet player messed up and we had to stop she jumped up and spiked her drum sticks off the ground and yelled "You had one job. One job!!" and stormed out. I thought everone was gonna die laughing.

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Fun Music Memes

Teen Jazz\u0026

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We got told our shows theme for next year and I’m so excited! ~ Rimshot – Tags: …

.omg on our guard and percussion bus, we would be drumming our parts on the back of the seats and we would get it perfect, but once we get on the feild, we MESS UP SO BAD

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Music note wall clock! Brought the band nerd out in me! Great idea for a music room, or over a piano,

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It’s Another Day In School

This is so true, I swear if I go anywhere near the band room when orchestra and band are going on, these band kids give me wierd looks.

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Die besten Reaktionen auf die Fire Challenge

I would pass out. Flute hurts my arms and makes it hard to get a breath! But ya it would be fun :) @emmapeanut119

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It’s a band thing…

It’s a band thing… Not many people can read this.

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31 Signs You've Been A Teacher Too Long

You’re so far into your subject that it’s warped your sense of humor.

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