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Loom Band Sensory Bottles

What a creative sensory bottle filler! How to make a loom band sensory bottle is easy and requires only a few supplies.

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Easy Art Activity for Kids: Blow Paint Monsters

Let your kids' imaginations run wild with this Easy Art Activity for Kids: Blow Paint Monsters! With some paint and a simple drinking straw, toddlers, preschool

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A little while ago I posted about some things I had made up for Chloe to help her wind down from school as she was struggling a little and was over tired. One of the things I made her was a sensory bottle, much like the ‘time out jar’ filled with glitter that I had seen on pinterest. Chloe’s is filled with pretty little beads and gems, sequins and glittler for her to shake and watch everything settle back down while chilling out.When I made Chloe’s I thought I’d make one for Noah as well …

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Poisson réalisé par Soline 4 ans avec une assiette en carton

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What a great IKEA Hack from Hobby Mommy Creations: DIY Light Table!

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five activities for crossing the midline (and why it’s important

five activities for crossing the midline (and why it’s important)

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Glow in the Dark Loom Band Sensory Bottle

Sensory bottles like this DIY glow in the dark rainbow loom band sensory bottle are commonly used for calming an overwhelmed child. Discovery bottles are also great for no mess safe sensory play for kids. Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers can safely investigate small objects without the risk of choking. This one is a great bedtime soothing bottle. It would also make a great decoration idea or favor for a party.

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Playroom Organization for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Play room organization tips for children with autism spectrum disorder ("ASD"). This system gives special needs children the structure and routine they need to thrive.

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How to host a messy play date with a shaving cream theme - so many ideas for messy play that is easy to clean!

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An open ended art project with a recycled egg carton

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DIY Kleenex box (math) games - great ideas for counting, sorting & matching.

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Back to School Kindergarten Worksheets

Back to School Kindergarten Worksheets - Painting Color Words

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tactile murals

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Large Number Cards with Dots

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Calming, Organizing and Alerting Activities for Children

Organizing, Alerting, and Calming activity ideas for kids for home, classroom, or therapy.

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Magnetic Shape Sticks Busy Bag

Rainbow Magnetic Stick Busy Bag - great for preschoolers when they are learning shapes!

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Fun in ECSE: More Task Box Ideas

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The Autism Helper

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Sensory Bottles

Blue sensory bottle

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Calm Down Kit 2nd Edition- Visual Behavioral Management Tools for Autism

Behavior management Calm Down Kit for special education classroom management. Transition visuals

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Princesses, Pies, & Preschool Pizzazz: Rainy Day Crafts for Toddlers

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GREAT site with lots of at-home therapy ideas!

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Growing A Jeweled Rose: Christmas Sensory Activities for Kids

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Sensory Play

Sensory activities for kids

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