Regardless of your political leanings.

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We live in a world of inversion where fools think themselves wise.

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Faith only comes into play when facts aren't available! There's a chance to help a doubter here and there but don't make yourself crazy. The hopelessly lost are quite certain we're the ones who need the help...infj4thelost

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more discovery and learning by doing, less "God made/did it"

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Truth be told...

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Trump is gladly accepting all three.

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Metaphor. Jerry Coyne More: #atheist #atheism

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Tell me about it. God did Mary, His Mother, cuckolding his own father, Joseph. His Mother Mary then gave birth to Him. No one else could get away with that.

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heart 1 ...agreed now explain yourself again...yet only complain about your personal world, and explain your growth in knowledge..

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Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary. I'm reluctant to use the word atheist to describe my own unshakeable disbelief, and that's not because I'm ashamed, afraid or even embarrassed. But Because it seems so self-evidently true to me that there's no god, giving that conviction a special title somehow dignifies what it denies. It's really little different from it being necessary to label yourself a non-Unicornist!

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