“First keep the peace within yourself, then you can also bring peace to others.” ..*

"Only in an open, nonjudgmental space can we acknowledge what we are feeling. Only in an open space where we're not all caught up in our own version of reality can we see and hear and feel who others really are, which allows us to be with them and communi

Indian Elephant

Asia Elephant - Impressive encounter with this beautiful male and prominent tusks. Asian elephants are slightly smaller than their African cousin, but they are no less impressive !

Asian elephant

Asian elephant

I hope there are baby elephants when we are there at the....Thailand <3 Chaing Mai Elephant preserve

Taken at the Elephant Nature Park near Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand- one of the most amazing experiences!

ภเгคк ค๓๏

Asian Elephant Greeting by Cyril Ruoso Beautiful.- There is something about elephants that touches my soul.maybe it's because they are committed lifetime soul mates in their native land.

A family of elephants

17 Animal Family Photos That Prove Animals Are Better Than Humans - Dose - Your Daily Dose of Amazing