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Bruh!! I'd do this if I were a teacher!! Heck! If I were the principal, awesome crap like this would be happen every day!!  : ItzNanaki
It's definitely time to start preparing - to do these and to AVOID these! Almost everyone knows April Fool's is all about pranking each other - maybe you've seen a few good pranks in your time but the pranks below will blow anything you've ever seen out of this world. Take some inspiration from these pics and prank a friend but be careful - don't let yourself be the victim by making sure you've seen these. But just be warned if you do use these pranks - your friends will probably be quite…
The Sucking Sauce Prank… #lol #haha #funny
Some April Fool's Prank Ideas for You

Some April Fool's Prank Ideas for You

This would be the cruelest yet funniest prank ever. XD - more funny things…
I found your dog!
#2 yes I also want to clean out a bottle and drink blue gateraid from it in public
WOw.... this is the best (& worst) April Fool's Prank. Definitely saving this one.

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