To increase warmth and to recycle whatever fabrics they possessed, northern farmers’ wives and daughters developed sashiko. Textile fragments were patched together with a running stitch of heavy double cotton thread. The stitching itself helped to strengthen the fabric, multiple layers increased their warmth.Sashiko was produced almost exclusively in homes for the family’s personal use. ... in the twentieth century the style of stitching became more decorative.
These angels are beautiful by monimarin
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Michel Hasson Artiste platicien, tableaux en papier découpé, découpe laser de  papier, atelier à Paris
Oman Arabs
The death of a monk and his subsequent transformation into a human shrine to help others of his religion.

The only words I can say is WTF.

How do countries organize economic activity? Via the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.
What is organizational culture?

What is organizational culture?

the history of money #infographic
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Handcarved Albaron Bed

Gloss Creative in Melbourne are my idols, their work is stunningly amazing.
Slide View: 3: 3x1 NYC W25 Freja Mid-Rise Slim Cropped Bell Jeans

3x1 NYC W25 Freja Mid-Rise Slim Cropped Bell Jeans

Factors that make up and influence culture (from this blog: