Accurate af  ☑ #anime #animelover #otaku  #manga  #love

Omg, I always thought the computer guy was chewing on a, I feel incompetent.>>>what has been seen can not be unseen.

anime, memes, and mirai nikki image

I'd all of the anime on the is lost but I know Yuno and Yuki from future diary

Door's right there, NaLi GraLu and LoLu fans. Nobody likes you

My friend when I showed her pics of my favorite anime (Free! All anime is stupid. I don't have to see it to know that it's dumb. Read Percy Jackson or something.

jajaja, hey guys, do not check boku no pico, trust me, is not good for you

Attack on Titan. NEVER watch Boku no Pico, like no, nope, nope, never again

Bwahahaha it IS me XD

Meu futuro se eu nn achar um marido Otaku q vive de Netflix e miojo 😝😂😂