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blondebadassbitchqueen: amy was a beautiful, smart, and talented woman and it pains me when people only remember her at her worst.

Amy Winehouse: rare and unseen – in pictures | Music | The Guardian

Amy Winehouse: rare and unseen – in pictures

for my friend Amy, no more boyfriend head games!     # Fucker Dean Chalkley - Amy Winehouse (M-LH-016)

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Amy's hand-written lyrics to "Love is a Losing Game".  'It was precisely because her songs were dragged up out of her soul that they were so powerful and passionate. The ones that went into "Back to Black" were about the deepest emotions. And she went through hell to make it.' ― Mitch Winehouse, Amy, My Daughter. ❤ She was a perfect singer and wonderful artist. Amy Jade Winehouse [14 Sept 1983 Southgate, London. – 23 July 2011 Camden, London]. #Winehouse #Amy #27 #London #Jazz #Soul #Music

Love is a losing game- Amy Winehouse/ not exactly a flawless song/poem but after all poetry is also the art of imperfection

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'All the songs I write are about human dynamics, whether it's with girlfriends, boyfriends, or family.