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Clara Oswald, Amy Pond , Donna Noble , Martha Jones , & Rose Tyler

Yes, the skirt is quite short. Initially, they wanted me in trousers, just because of the practicality of running around. But I wanted the mini-skirt because I think it really suits Amy’s sassy character. - Karen Gillan

((Karen Gillan)) I'm Phoenix. I'm a caste five musician and artist. I have a more of a Fiery nature. My mom claims it's because of the hair. I blame it on all of my brothers. I have two older brothers, a younger one, and a younger sister. Yeah, my family is huge. I can't wait to meet you all!

Does anyone know where this cafe is? Where was this filmed?if you do please post it in the comments section

The Angels Take Manhattan #nope this is almost as bad as doomsday why did I start watching this show again??

From the season 6 episode 10 - The Girl Who Waited. One of the best Doctor Who quotes :) #DoctorWho

Amy Pond. The girl who waited. She was one of my favorite companions!!

haha I need to watch this again so I can see this

"Because Matt was in love with her for most of season five.... Accept it"<--I kind of agree with that!<< Wait seriously?!