Surfing in Hawaii

I got this pic from Surfline and it was on my mind every where I went. I think when surfers close their eyes when they duck dive they can miss images like this

Alana Blanchard and Nikki Van Djik in Rip Curl Bombshell series wetties!


Alana Blanchard and Nikki van dijk wearing the new bombshell wetsuits

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by alanarblanchard: Lords of trog town. @findyourcalifornia

Instagram Post by Alana Blanchard (@alanarblanchard)

I'm Camila Alderete and from Argentina! My dream is learn to surf,live in Hawaii,.

Alana x rip curl

I dream of this picture What does your intuition have to say about that? What may "make sense" to the outside world is no match to your inner knowing.