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Historie eller kulturelskere kan besøke en av mange museer hedrer slutten av apartheid i 1990. Rimelig og helt spesiell afrikansk folkekunst er tilgjengelig over hele landet, ikke bare i Cape Town og Johannesburg. Eksotisk mat kan også legges til minneverdige opplevelser under ferien Safari i Sør-Afrika.

Præsident for en dag. Her er facebook siden om spillet Jeg tror man skal bruge mere tid på spillet. Jeg har kun prøvet ganske kort. Det er kun til 9. klasse, da spillet er på engelsk. Man er præsident for en dag i et afrikansk land.

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Jack Daniels whiskey. Is it true or not?

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Black Inventors; Black History

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The oldest universities were founded in Africa. Mali, Timbucktu, and Morroco. Students from all over the nation of Africa and Europe would come to learn math, science, history, language and astronomy. University of Sankore (500-1500 AD) had one of the largest libraries in the world. Founded by King Mansa Musa- one of the richest people of all time.

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Queen Nzinga Mbande, (1583-1663) was a warrior queen of the Nzinga and Matamba and one of the greatest female African rulers who fought valiantly to keep her country's citizens from becoming victims of the slave trade.

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African history. One scholar said, some black folks continued to focus on the last 500 years of slavery and oppression, forgetting or ignoring the previous thousands of years of our glorious history. It is full time that we re-connect with our glorious past, which is still UN-surpassed by any other human developments and evolution upon the planet earth!

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This is so true, because the Greeks stole our history which is African History and re-wrote it into methology.

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African history

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people should read about this man just to know this stuff for themselves and stop waiting for the school system of your hometown to provide you with this information.

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