Axl Rose 'Guns n' Roses' / Steven Tyler 'Aerosmith' Wish i was there

Axl Rose 'Guns n' Roses' / Steven Tyler 'Aerosmith' I want this as a poster soooooo bad

Aerosmith- Joe Perry and Steven Tyler met to form Aerosmith in Sunapee and as they say...."the rest is history"

Steven Tyler, Aerosmith band, they were my favorite band to see in concert. Steven Tyler could put on a show. We had so much fun at his concerts!

Steven Tyler in a dress looking thing...........Dude looks like a lady!!!!

Steven Tallarico AKA Steven Tyler in a dress looking thing.Dude looks like a lady!

Guess who? (; This world is really awesome. The woman who make our chocolate think you're awesome, too. Hand made where the beans are grown. Woman owned and run company! From the Amazon, available on Amazon!

Make no mistake to who's microphone this is.Steven Tyler is known around the world for his unique trademark scarves on his microphone!

What Happened to Steven Tyler- News & Updates  #Aerosmith #StevenTyler

Steven Tyler is an American singer who is best known for being the lead vocalist of the rock band, Aerosmith.

Aerosmith Dream On by Brandtk on DeviantArt

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