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a heart shaped map with the london underground
Image of London: The Capital of Romance (Limited edition fine art prints)
a painting of a lighthouse on top of a hill
Key West Lighthouse - collage by ©Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson -
a woman with flowers in her hair
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mailart ! Collage ! art (I need to make myself one of these :3)
two women sitting at a table with cups and flowers in front of them, one woman standing on the other side
collage - eugenia loli - speech on days past
a bird sitting on top of a tree branch covered in lots of paper and stamps
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This looks like a British Robin Redbreast to me - the National Bird of Britain and a herald of the Christmas season - a little beauty. Created by Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson - here's her website:
an abstract painting with red, orange and white designs on it's paper background
Judy Thorley TWS - Mixed Media Artist
Judy Thorley TWS - Mixed Media Artist
an altered collage with flowers in a vase and writing on the bottom half of it
Daisy collage
an abstract painting with flowers on it
Pink Collage
an image of a woman's face made out of newspaper paper with words all over it
-Newspaper Collage -