DIY Water Hose Holder for the garden... LOVE this! So easy! @shanty2chic

Hose Holder for the Garden DIY

We really had a problem storing our shoes. My hubby is a skaterboy and has a shoe collection that is uncomparable to Continue Reading

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Welly Boot Rack

Wall Mounted Welly Boot Store - just got this Phil, thanks to my lovely Leamington friend Rachel. Love Lucy Supply wellies for guests?

Very cool branch hooks

DIY: Branch hooks in wood diy with Wood Hooks DIY Branches (Furniture Designs Crafts)

Build this in the mud room at the back door. So I can wash the dogs, and in the same area rinse the boots off. For when i am working w/ garden chemicals tha i do not want brought into the house build this stand outside the back door.

Så fixar du snygg (och praktisk) källsortering - Sköna hem

Återvinning och avfall – så fixar du det snyggt i hemmet