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a small stuffed elephant holding three balloons in it's trunk
My little eleph #dollsneedlefelt
a gray stuffed animal sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a white mouse
a knitted snowman wearing a multicolored hat and scarf
Needle Felt Snowman - Needle Felted Snowman - Christmas Snowman - Christmas Decoration - Christmas D
a close up of a snowman on a table
handmade holiday ornaments
by jaykayknits: handmade holiday ornaments Imasucker for snowmen, forgive me if I pin a few!
a hand holding a small stuffed snowman in it's left hand with a scarf around its neck
mARTi creates
a group of tiny birds sitting on top of a tree stump
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Сказки войлока | VK
an orange and white stuffed animal next to a greeting card
(no title)
an ornament hanging from a string with a snowboarder on it's back
Needle felted snowboarder. Gunilla Rehn
a small white stuffed animal with one eye open
a green mushroom with orange and black dots on it
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Татьяна Колозенко
a green stuffed animal sitting on top of a rock with a flower in it's mouth
Felt Projects
Felted caterpillar #needlefeltingtutorials