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Evgeny Martinsen
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Great shape to this vest and amazing detail work. Maybe use fewer colors and let the texture, seaming, and details shine. the fur around the edges.

Character Inspiration for Rose

LOVE the richness of this color and texture. shades of burgundy - ♔Luxury ✿♥nyrockphotogirl -✜❤✿ڿڰۣ shades of wines, currant, raisin and deep rose.

Remember the Empress of the Elves Gown we created? I sent it to Model Maria Amanda (mariaamanda.deviantart.com) and Photographer Lillian Liu Photography Look at this enchanting ...

Original concept outfit : Firefly Path Model: Maria Amanda Hair Beads: Regalrose Photography: Lillian Liu Photography Rings: The Rogue + The Wolf

Rosalind, the mayor of Catchwood, a town in the east of Tir Alaind on the road from Biggleswade, home of the fauns, to Aes Sidhe, home of the faeries. The first novel is called The Tome of Worlds and is set in the tapestry of Tir Alaind.

Forest maiden, medieval, fantasy "The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. Yeats Enchanted Woods by Jessica Drossin on

Fairytale Ball gown. Isn't it a shame we don't have events to wear such stunning dress's too, without it being fancy dress!

Stella de Libero 2014 oh alice with this floral and pastel couture ball gown ,evening dress you would be the princess of any prom,use it as an alternative bridal gown and it wouln't matter if the groom turned up you could quite happily marry it instead