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several items are sitting on the shelf next to each other, including a bottle and keychain
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the cover of candle kitsch studio's holiday catalog is shown in five different colors
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an apple sitting on top of a red box
an electrical cord with two plugs attached to it and a blue box on the side
Shinola® Detroit | Beautiful, Enduring, Handcrafted Goods
an apple shaped toy sitting on top of a table next to a card game box
Upcycling, Minimal, Highlights, Branding Design, Shop, Enjoyment, Objects, Ocean
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a red, blue and green mailbox with the letters mail
Mailbox Notecards
Mail a bit of postal history with this charming set of 20 different notecards and envelopes featuring images of stamps from the Smithsonian's National Postal Museum. A mini mailbox with a magnetic closure that shuts with a satisfying snap houses the notecards and inspires the joy of sending letters.
a person playing an old school video game with colored crayons on the table
19 Genius Gifts Your SO Will Be Thrilled to Receive
Handheld Pac-Man Arcade Game
two pieces of lego art made to look like people with hands and fingers on them
LEGO DUO, Starwars