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a person holding up a piece of paper with pink and black writing on it,
What do resin totems have to do with the Leeds International Festival of Ideas? Rabbithole explains
Leeds International Festival of Ideas (LIFI) is an annual event that unites thinkers, writers, creatives, and knowledgeable experts across diverse domains, such as science, technology, politics, and culture. Since its inception in 2017, the festival has firmly established itself as a prominent fixture in the city’s cultural calendar, renowned for its ability to present intellectually stimulating ideas from across the globe. #branding #design #brandingdesign #branddesign #brandidentity
a close up of a menu on a table with a blue chair in the background
SIPSIP Cocktail Bar + Wine Club
a person holding up a poster with the names of different cocktails on it in their hands
Dig In Dublin
Dig In Dublin on Behance
some cards are laying on a yellow and white checkered tablecloth with red lettering
Retro type and gingham in abundance: Elizabeth Goodspeed’s branding designs will transport you to the 70s
The New-York-based designer tells us about her love of printed material and how she nearly followed a more scientific path.
a person holding up a menu at a table with wine glasses and other items on it
Passeio Typeface
Passeio Typeface :: Behance
a wine list sitting on top of a table next to a bottle of wine and a glass
Wine List Design | By After Hours
WAYGOOD. A gathering place for Richmond locals (and everyone else). After Hours worked on the brand strategy, visual identity, and website for this Melbourne wine bar, aiming to capture the relaxed energy of WAYGOOD. It's an unpretentious, warming, and friendly neighbourhood spot in Melbourne, Australia. The brand uses illustrations to communicate the offering, paired with art direction that uses high flash photography to highlight the idiosyncrasies and small moments at the venue.
Spots Tbilisi
four different brochures with the same color and font on them, each featuring an image of a woman's face
Prado eco-studio
an advertisement for a chinese restaurant with food on the table and flowers in vases
「迷你蔬」,用餐新選擇,蔬/素食美味指南 - 金典 綠園道商場
the cover of an article with images of people and words that read, review views
Pentagram redesigns Sight and Sound film magazine “for our times”
broccoli and red peppers on a pink plate with the words food for thought
Miami Prop Stylist — ELIZABETH JAIME
Miami Prop Stylist — ELIZABETH JAIME
a person is holding up a book about proteins from and for the planet, with an image of a sandwich on it
Meat your Match
an advertisement with different types of food on the front and back of it, including pastries and desserts
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