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vintage halloween images | Picture 1 of 9 from Vintage Halloween Illustration and Ads

Vintage Halloween ad for Baby Ruth & Butterfinger candy bars

cat/pierrot outfit from 1900

Cat Dress costume-woman-vintage b/w Halloween photo

1863 Brighton Swimming Club, England. Manly Men.

brighton swimming [in hats] club, 1853

I see you - http://zombies.futtoo.com/i-see-you #zombies

Scary shit - this is Alison Harvard od ANTM She takes some pretty freaky pics of herself! She is also know as Creepy chan look it up!

Imagine wanting a little cuddle in the frost of the night, and while you turn to him, you see this thing.

This is from one of my favorite short horror films.

Cerpen Horor: Temani Aku | Octa Cinta Buku

"hello darkness my old friend" by this fleeting life".more sillouhette inspiration.use clear contact paper and paint a similar apparition onto the sliding glass door!

She is a freaky little girl......YIKES!...(Interesting blog--check it out.)

Haunt Style tembots kids a=or the people that gave me feet for not doing that magic downstairs for now fucking reason.

Creepy eyes.

Ghost stories always freak me out. I wouldn’t even use one of those dumb ‘Ghost detector’ phone apps on my own… There are stories passed down generations – urban legends and folklore – but nothing is as scary as a ghost story from another.


happy halloween from this creepy as fuck baby with a skull and horn head. here's to hoping your kid writes a similar letter one day and you take a solid shit in your pants. your mom wishes you happy halloween and plenty of nightmares.