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"Reading Response Log - For homework! LOVE THIS. Students must choose three different sentence starters throughout the week (which utilize Bloom's) and also record how many minutes they are reading every night & total for the week. Begins w a "weekend" slot, which I might make into Extra Credit. Designed to be due Fridays."- Jessica C

Reading Log - Reading Strategies Sentence Starters for Kids

This reading log is designed to help children and their parents write a short recap of the book/books being read. It is designed to be given on a Friday so that the child can begin writing over the weekend. There are 3 versions with: **The weekend, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. **Mon...

Reading Response Choice Board. Great way to differentiate.
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Reading Response Choice Board All-in-One

Here you will find activities your students will enjoy before/during/after reading a "just right book." There are 12 different activities so that students have the opportunity to choose one that interests them...including some technology integration! Use if you'd like! ~Erin Click on the Choice Board above to download the file!

a reading log but no signature required.  instead students respond with various comprehension strategies.

Reading Log for Thinking and Responding

Reading log without parent signatures! This eleven page Language Arts document allows the students to think about their nightly reading and respond in a meaningful way. No more "mom sign this" Reading Log. Students use comprehension strategies and graphic organizers to respond to their nightly re...

Genre Chart-have students list genre for each book review they write. Maybe put column on Reading Log to list.....

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Click the photo below to enlarge the genre chart. It would be helpful when borrowing books from the library or buying books from your local store to always discuss the type of genre the text is. Th...

Literacy activities by the genres


Literacy activities by the genres

I dislike reading logs, but these are cute and educational.

Couple of Cute things for free!

I have to say I feel incredibly productive today. I re-designed my calendar wall (pictures to come), created a new weekly reading log and c...

Guide to Reading Response Logs

Guide to Nightly Reading Response Log FREEBIE

If you teach a Special Ed. class (like me!) you know the value of your commitments to modified work. Many of your students might have a stipulation (formally known as a modification) that says their assignments must be modified. I'm diligent when it comes to modifying for my kids who have that specific modification. However, I hadn't considered modifying our weekly reading response. It's pretty straight forward, already calls for only a short answer response, and is usable across a few grade…

This site has great (and free) printables for reading responses.

Junior Reading Responses

I'm doing reading workshops with Grade Twos at the moment (July 2014) and I wanted to find some way of touching all bases as we read a book together: story grammar, vocab development, reading...

Standard 1: Knowledge about  Literacy-   1.3 Develop reading comprehension and promotion of   independent reading including:   • Comprehension strategies for a variety of genre.  • Student independent reading.   -Reading Response Log - Monitoring Independent Reading at Home product from TIPS4Teachers on

Reading Response Log - Monitoring Independent Reading at Home from TIPS4Teachers on (3 pages)

Reading Response Log - Monitoring Independent Reading at Home from TIPS4Teachers on (3 pages)

Print this letter with the Home Reading Log. This explains to parents your expectations....

All About the Home Reading Log: A Letter to Parents

Print this letter with the Home Reading Log. This explains to parents your expectations.

Reading Logs Elementary Version. Increase your student's reading comprehension! This 13 page Language Arts file allows students to reflect upon their nightly reading and write abou...

Tori Gorosave

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Common Core Aligned-Reading Response Homework from Fabulous in Fourth on (4 pages)  - Reading Response Homework-better than the normal reading log, write responses to any fiction book

The Fabulous in Fourth shop on

The Fabulous in Fourth shop on

Reading Log for Summarizing Non-Fiction- Students will be held accountable during their reading time by summarizing nonfiction text in their logs. ...

Summarizing Nonfiction Reading Log- shared or guided reading, centers, etc.

Summarizing Nonfiction Reading Log- Students will be required to write words that are frequently repeated. (This helps them understand the main idea or topic.) Then, they will write details they read about these words. From there, they will write a summary detailing what they read from the beginn...