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Photography Tips: Low Budget photo tips you will love! / I show you how you can create amazing pictures with simple household items - have a look now! / Blog Post by CHRISTINA KEY - the photography-, fashion-, lifestyle and food blog from Berlin, Germany

Low Budget Photo Tips - Create amazing photo effects with simple household items – Post about amazing photo effects with low budget items - Top photo hacks!

Use lots of white space to keep your design airy. Parallax effects might be fading out, but they can still make a big impact when used correctly.

Nespresso – Ui design concept and visual identity for Monsun Mlabar Special Edition, by Isabel Sousa.

Very nice style font. These would be perfect for the bold titles on the contents page and double page spread as its very original and creative. Would be very nice in bright colours for my magazine

Imogen Agnes - Imogen Agnes is a hand-made, signature-style font designed to create personal, stylish lette.

Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Photography

Have you ever considered becoming a real estate photographer. This beginner's guide to real estate photography will help you get started making money in this exciting field.

10 tips for Group Portraits

10 Photography Tips for Better Outdoor Portraits 10 tips to event planning! 10 rules of photo composition 10 posing tips for group photos wo.

Depois que adquiri a cafeteira da Nespresso, me perguntei: O que fazer agora com essas cápsulas. Elas devem ser descartadas como lixo ...

The Outpresso is a manual device to recycle your aluminum Nespresso coffee capsules. Environmentally concerned people can buy the Outpresso from this site.