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a woman wearing an orange knitted cardigan with a knot on the front and back
Songbird Cardigan by Emma Wright in Erika Knight Gossypium Cotton - Downloadable PDF
a pair of gloves that are on top of each other
Giraffe Cowl & Mittens pattern by Jorid Linvik
two knitted mittens sitting on top of green grass next to bushes and plants
Tabby Cat Mittens / Viiksivallulapaset pattern by Lumi Karmitsa
two knitted mittens with blue and white designs on them
Фото 871164840004 из альбома Мои шедевры. Смотрите в группе жаккардовые узоры в ОК
a woman with curly hair wearing a knitted hat
Cherry Soda/Orange Soda Knitting pattern by BabyCocktails/Thea Colman | Knitting Patterns | LoveCrafts
a close up of a knitted object on a mannequin
Moon Dragon Capelet pattern by Lavish Craft
Jennifer Wood, Lace Motifs, Sleeves Designs, Cable Knitting, Knitting Women, Knit Outfit, Sweater Pattern
Corinne pattern by Jennifer Wood