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You do not live with a lot of people as before, and you cannot get the same contact with people and you do not understand in the same way. Instead, you live closer to the pictures, and you think more than you paint.

I Have The Feeling Of Flying Together And Drifting Away With You But It Will Never Happen by Hilde Widerberg

There are some who are keen to control, to be in control, knowing what's going on. Then there is the other character type, which is able to devote themselves to the extent that one loses control. This man drops out and hope that it is soil where he lands.

I Suggest That You Scratch My Back And I Scratch Yours by Hilde Widerberg

Me And My Best Friends Forever Riding Off Together Into The Secret Adventure by Hilde Widerberg

Wake Me Up When The Nature Is Preparing For Another Winter by Hilde Widerberg

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These colors Are famous. even people who do not know much about art, know this distinctive world and elongated shapes.

I Am The Seagull Who Is Performing The Streetwalk While Looking Right At You by Hilde Widerberg

You Could Always Have A Ride After All It Is Your Birthday by Hilde Widerberg

have no fear, test me if you dare, I dont care by Hilde Widerberg

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in a boat with you, my love, I will soon forget all about who I am by Hilde Widerberg