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Rat Hammock with heart opened

Rat Hammock Rectangle Cube 2 Heart Shaped Entrances/Exits Flannel with Cupcakes Hearts Monkeys & Purple Fleece

Don't say "ew" before you meet me

"I have heard so many positive things about pet rats. They are incredibly intelligent, tame and very lovable." I love pet rats

18 Reasons Why Rats Are The Most Underrated Pet

They have remarkable posture, as demonstrated by this cutie. 18 Reasons Why Rats Are The Most Underrated Pet

Cutest rat!

DIY Rat Fleece Hammock or for Other Small Animals. I had rats as pets (and they were great pets) and had them in a ferret cage with a plastic material hammock that you couldn’t wash so this would have been ideal. Tutorial from craft nectar here.

Really cute patterns for the honeycomb hammock

Piggiepigpigs Hidey Hammock - for your pet rat, chinchilla or other small furry.looks like fun for your fur babies !