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Lars Eje Larsson

Lars Eje Larsson 'She took the sun and pored it into my chest for a cup to hold as a cleanser of brushes.burn discarded memories in the lava.that the shine may blind the reality of it all.


We cannot get enough of this gorgeous orange vase/pitcher. The color contrast is delicious.its for complementary color combinations. and its a mafic of blue and orange mixture

How to paint watercolour botanicals - part three

(Part 3 of How to paint watercolour botanicals. This is a really detailed tutorial from Artists & Illustrators magazine.

Jan Harbon

The poppies in Wizard of Oz are beautiful, but when enchanted with a sleeping spell by the wicked witch, serve as an obstacle to their journey. The anthuriums in LOST also serve as an obstacle, figuratively because Locke doesn't know what they look like,