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We love this table, Transforming Coffee Table Wood is a multifunctional furniture for small space apartment. This furniture can be converted from a coffee

Kinda... thats amazing I LOST 20 pounds taking this superb fat-burner . ;)

How To Lose 10 Pounds In a Week. Lose 10 Pounds in a week to jump-start your longer term diet plan.Are you looking to lose weight quickly? I have the solution for you -Easy And Simple Way To Lose Weight!

18 Things Mentally Strong People Do

This infographic reveals 18 things that mentally strong people (high achievers) do that low achievers don’t. These apply to fitness fanatics as well. Matters Definitely need to work on some of these things!


Bunad - Made In Norway Now I have read that all Bunad sewing patterns belong to the steamstress and therefor that explains why I can't find anywhere in the USA an authentic sewing pattern for the West Telemark Bunad.

Printable Norwegian paper doll dresses

PAPER DOLLS Paper Dolls used to be a big hit amongst little girls. Here are some old paper bunad dolls showing off various bunads in Norway.

Øst Telemark damebunad 4  #bunad

Telemark, Øst Telemark Damebunad - Husflidsbutikken i Ski, A.Larsen husflid as