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three small wooden trees sitting on top of a table
Mini Trees - Custom Sculpture & Sign Company
a mushroom shaped sculpture sitting on top of a wooden floor
an intricately carved wooden object on a stone surface with knots in the middle and two circles at the center
Viking Heart Knot - Wooden Crosses
Viking Heart Knot ~ created by Rev. Woody Shook from New Hampshire
Wood and Wonder: Creating Magic with Tools
Minute Masterpieces: Tiny Woodworking Treasures Revealed. Visit the link to explore more! credits:@woodworkingactivity9
a blue and white poster with a christmas tree in the shape of a crescent ornament
a wooden guitar hanging on the side of a wall
Wood working diy projects | wood crafts | diy wood working ideas
a wooden frame with a cutout of a leaf in it on the grass and leaves around it
two wooden cats sitting on top of a stove