Scandinavian mittens

I might be seeing red, but not in anger! Quite the contrary-I have enough left over yarn to make a matching headband.

Ravelry: Tangled Hearts pattern by Natalia Moreva

Tangled Hearts pattern by Natalia Moreva

These stranded mittens are designed to be knitted with just two colors, and then decorated with duplicate stitch embroidery. You can use any colors as long as you don’t switch light and dark on the charts.

* Жаккардовые варежки с цветами и листьями. - Жаккард - Страна Мам


* Jacquard mitten with flowers and leaves.

This pattern is available in english and swedish.

Kamilla mittens pattern by JennyPenny

Bianca's mittens

Ravelry: Project Gallery for Bianca's Mittens/Biancas Votter pattern by Wenche Roald