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Espen Vigeland
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Edge Lighting - Application Photo Gallery: Indoor Lighting, Outdoor Lighting…

The truly trimless appearance of recessed square LEDs allow for a serene environment while adding to the modern architecture of a room Modern LED Lighting For The Bathroom Aurora Dual Square Edge - by Pure Lighting

Everyone loves a stairway with lights, we won’t admit it, but they evoke childlike excitement among adults. The secret is you can achieve this with minimal cost through LED stripe lights. Simply install under the handrail. Available from Aliexpress, Amazon or Ebay. Difficulty: 5/10 Cost: $3.34 per 5m (on aliexpress) More

LED-verlichting – Decotrap - there are a ton of LED extrusion (channel lighting) options out there.maybe a custom rail for stairs?

Hoddle House by Freadman White Architects (via Lunchbox Architect)

A dramatic raked ceiling and large clerestory window at Hoddle House by Freadman White Architects creates an inspiring, light-filled space. Sliding glass doors mean the room connects seamlessly to the yard. Photo by Jeremy Wright.