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I will do embroidery digitizing logo or vector line for 2 hour :
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Are you looking for high-quality and professional character concept art or digital drawing products? Do you want to improve your skills and knowledge in the art and design field? Look no further! @eschaibi is here to provide you with top-notch services and resources to elevate your creativity and passion.

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It kinda worked 😵‍💫
Learn how to draw this cool girl in Procreate!
❤️hope this helpful!!
Diy pop up card 🌸💐🌷
I just wanna say thank you guys so much for all the support. ❤️!!
How to draw chocolates 😋
DIY membuat stamp buah
Lounge chair . . . .
Replying to @Pinja Emilia ASMR guess the disney movie! 🌟 Did you get it right?!
Drawing Leela from Futurama But! In 4 Different Styles +
drawing with acrylic markers
some colored pencils are laying on top of a drawing book with anime characters drawn on it
Drawing Painting ideas for you
My hope is to share my knowledge with you so you too can expand your love for the arts. Thank you for your interest!
Face drawing
anyone else love this song? 💙