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The Best 3D Printed Jewelry in technology style fashion  Category

Quite possibly the pioneers of printed jewelry, Nervous System took us for a behind-the-scenes glimpse at how they developed their Cell Cycle line of printed nylon and stainless steel jewelry that’s based on cellular patterns.

Exquisite 3D-printed decorative skull - Joshua Harker. "The little filigree 3d printed skull that became the #1 most funded Sculpture project in Kickstarter history & an icon of the 3D printed medium".

Filigree Skulls: We know that printing has come a long way, but had no idea how detailed and gorgeous the results could be. Artist Joshua Harker has designed and created a beautiful (and spooky!) collection of Filigree Skulls available over on Etsy.

3D Printable Brio Tracks, designed by Moli.

Some short standard Brio tracks which were needed by my son. I expect to add more tracks here in the future.

Music Drop lets you compose a little 16-note tune and have it immortalized in the form of a 3D-printed music box.

Each Music Drop is printed and assembled by hand at Left Field Labs and then shipped to you. You just have to create a song loop and Left Field Labs will print out a music box that plays your tune.