Beautiful black and white

This is a truly beautiful photo. This is a great example of how different textures can make a black and white photo stunningly vivid. For me, black and white is all about showing off contrast and texture, and this photo does an awesome job of that.

PT: Rarely can I find men portrait that catches my attention. But for once, the eyes , his expression and the water caught my attention.     Water always changes things...incredible portrait.

Rarely can I find a male portrait that catches my attention. But here, the eyes, his expression and the water caught my attention. Water always changes things.

I love this little old woman as she smiles into her hand. TBH0027 copy.jpg by Banhup Teh Photography, via Flickr

Happiness has no age! I like this photograph due to how natural the model is in the image and how the photographer has made a strong connection here in order to make the woman laugh. I also love the woman's eyes and how they tell her story as a person.

Don't know why I love this face so much (Libya)

world eyes - souls Man from Libya. Such a genuine face. This picture shows a man who is in true content. Again, my love for eyes- it pops up and is the focus of the piece. I also love the color and form of the headdress.


The Infinite Shades and Complexities of Black Skin By Wunmi Pedro (what an absolutely Gorgeous woman!Sherri) Her beauty is breath taking! Every shade of black is beautiful my black sistas!

Grace Elizabeth by Camilla Akrans for Vogue Germany January 2017

Vogue Germany January 2017 Grace Elizabeth by Camilla Photography: Camilla Åkrans Styled by: Nicola Knels Hair: Franco Gobbi Makeup: Wendy Rowe Model: Grace Elizabeth

Black & White Photography

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