An abandoned ferris wheel at The Lake Shawnee amusement park in Princeton, WV! abandoned and haunted theme park where many had died.I WANT TO GO HERE!

Abandoned Castle Tower home in Scotland

Abandoned Castle Tower home in Scotland. ~Gorgeous♥ Perfect fairytale home. Could this be an Outlander place? Hopefully it's fairy godmother will find it a happy ending


The abandoned village of Pegrema, Republic of Karelia, Russia. This beautiful example of the wooden architecture was abandoned after the Russian Revolution.

Abandoned diner

A cool abandoned cafe. When I win the lotto, I will open an old fashioned diner! Second pillar I'll join you love these places I still have some around in my town

Urbex Photographer Discovers Eerie ‘Train Graveyard’ in North Carolina Forest

Urbex Photographer Discovers Eerie 'Train Graveyard' in North Carolina Forest

'Train Graveyard‘ with over 70 dilapidated subways, trains and busses in the middle of a North Carolina forest. Photo by Urbex photographer Johnny Joo of UrbanExplorationUS.

Only garage and gas pump.

The garage doors are a really essential component of any garage. In many situations, the garage doors might be a continuation of the main door or may act as a main door itself.

Missed The Last Train Home - Abandoned Railway Station - Abandoned Building

The illustrations of TokyoGenso (a. Tokyo Fantasy) depict a post-apocalyptic Tokyo devoid of people and overtaken by nature. // Yoyogi Station {the link says it is an illustration, but it's cool}


This is all that's left of the Ahern farm in New Hampshire, USA. The house has been empty for many years and, just recently people have broken in and busted out all the windows.