Ronja Erika Sparem Hansen

Ronja Erika Sparem Hansen

Ronja Erika Sparem Hansen
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The saddest thing I have ever read!And at the end what Prim said!Katniss was basically a Gale!Except the twist is it was fake!IM SO SAD!

Tears. Tears streaming down my face. You can just go and take a nap and come back when you are ready to be done emotionally scarring me

I feel like if katniss hasn't volunteered, Gale would've gone in to protect Prim. So the same conversation but Gale having volunteered in Peeta's place.

The Maze Runner - Newt

im currently half wat through The Death Cure and newt is already different. im not gonna enjoy page 250 (however in my book it happens on