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some green leaves in a glass frame on a white counter top with a marble slab underneath
DIY ◊◊ Mon herbier entre deux verres
Rue Rivoirette: DIY ◊◊ Mon herbier entre deux verres
a small plant in a clear box on a wooden table
pressed, on display
there are many surfboards on the wall in this room
Artifact Uprising Float Frames - Design Crush
an open drawer with two napkins and silverware in it on a wooden floor
FineCooking - Recipes, Cooking Techniques, Menu Ideas
custom acrylic bins
a table that has some books on it and a chair in the background with a couch behind it
Glamorous TV Tray Makeover
Painted Furniture | Glamorous TV Tray Makeover ~ Love this idea for making over an outdated tray table with gold paint and acrylic!
there is a small tree in the middle of three different rocks and gravels that are on top of each other
vasi in plexiglass - Cerca con Google
stainless steel door frame with screws
wall mounts
the instagram page shows an image of a desk and chair
18 DIY Desk Ideas to Make Working from Home a Breeze
Need a desk ASAP, or looking for a way to squeeze another workspace into your home? Most of these desks are so simple to assemble, the…
a yellow chair sitting on top of a black floor
Peregrine Retail Design Manufacturing | Vancouver BC Canada
INSPIRATION chair: "Chair Flicker" by Ivan Romanov |
a glass box sitting on top of a table with trees in the background and fog
Bildearkiv - Latest images registered:mageID.: gma0001 Title: Cubes, 2001-2005. Plexiglass sculptures, 12 x 12 to 30 x 30 cm, handmade photographic transparencies in layers. Keywords:Trees/Trær. Woods/Skogen. Depth/Dybde. Volume/Volum. Perspective/ Perspektiv. Borrehaugene. Artist: Galina Manikova/BONO. Copyright Fotofil