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an elaborately decorated room with couches and flowers on the floor, chandeliers hanging from the ceiling
a person pouring tea into cups on a tray
an image of a stage setting with flowers on the side and drapes over it
Royal wedding in Doha
Pearls, a blush pink colour palette in flowers and decor for SHEIKHA RAWAN AL THANI wedding in Doha. Bibi says about her design concept of this design: Life is but a dream.... concept, design,decor and realization Bibi Hayat Events Florals from us in collaboration with Novemberblooms , photo: @patricksawaya @mashkanani #khaleejiweddings #khaleejistyle #kuwait #weddingday #wedding #ksa #riyadh #oman #dubai #abudhabi #gccweddings #saudiweddings
an indoor dining area with tables and chairs
three white balls stacked on top of each other
Arabic Wedding Planners | Arab Events & Ceremonies
Our Arabic wedding planners organise luxury Arab weddings at the most exclusive venues in London and worldwide. Kuwait 🇰🇼Witness Altaf & Jaber extraordinary wedding where every detail is meticulously crafted to be exquisite, resulting in a beautiful and one-of-a-kind celebration. Photo @MADDY.PHOTO.GCC AND @MASHKANANI Florals from us in collaboration with NovemberBlooms , Flowersfromholland concept, design,decor and realization .Bibi Hayat, Kuwait. Photo @MADDY.PHOTO.GCC AND @MASHKANANI #khaleejiweddings #khaleejistyle #kuwait #weddingday #wedding #ksa #riyadh #oman #dubai #abudhabi #gccweddings #saudiweddings
an assortment of perfume bottles and candles on a table
The Best Wedding Planners In The Middle East
BOLTE Event Design is one of the top-rated luxury wedding planners in the Middle East, serving Dubai, Qatar, UAE, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia. We are proud of our long term relationships and exclusive collaborations with the local leading event professionals such as Bibi Hayat (Kuwait), Paul Nasr (Beirut), Pamela Mansour (Beirut) or Casa Del Flora (Beirut) to name a few; which are fundamental for such elegant, stylish, glamorous and sophisticated couples who demand first class service and a world-class event.location: Sheraton Kuwait photography: MADDY.PHOTO.GCCconcept, design,decor and realization Bibi Hayat Events Florals from us in collaboration with Novemberblooms , Flowersfromholland #khaleejiweddings #khaleejistyle #kuwait #weddingday #wedding #ksa #riyadh #oman #dubai #abudhabi #gccw
a model in a white wedding dress is standing under curtains
an instagram page with pink flowers and white arch in the middle, which reads follow
a white bench sitting in the middle of a room with pink flowers and trees on it
the entrance to an art gallery with plants on it's wall and lights in the background
Kaidang Design Wedding Stage
Kaidang Design Wedding Stage
a person holding a tray with flowers and plants on it in front of a fountain