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two stuffed rabbits are sitting in a cup
three glass jars filled with candy and bunny ears on a blue checkered table cloth
Easter Bunny Jars
Bunny baskets using those little spice jars from IKEA. Also doing this!
two mason jars decorated to look like easter chicks with googly eyes and ears on them
The 11 Best DIY Easter Candy Jars
Here are The 11 Best DIY Easter Candy Jars that are easy to make, look lovely and contain yummy treats!
some jars with candy in the shape of bunnies and other candies on a table
Gifts for my co-workers.
two mason jars decorated with easter decorations
Easy Easter Craft: Easter Bunny Mason Jars
These cute Easter bunny treat jars are a sweet way to deliver a little bit of springtime cheer to your loved ones. Fill them with candy, fresh flowers, a candle or homemade sugar scrub for a quick and easy gift idea that's sure to please.
the instructions for how to make an easy flower pot with paper flowers and grass in it
Osterbasteln mit Kindern – Ideen für Bastelfans
DIY Hase im Blumentopf: So einfach bastelst Du süße Häschen, die aus dem Töpfchen schauen. Mit etwas Filz, Terrakottatopf und Styroporei gelingt diese Bastelei zu Ostern ganz einfach.