Emma Solvang Strand

Emma Solvang Strand

Anime is life👊🏻BTS is goals ❤️❤️😍🇰🇷💯🆑
Emma Solvang Strand
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Sexy MM | Zen

“ gebdraws: “Quick MM illustration for card prints.

Griffyn, Bel, Akira, and Liam..... This is like so perfectly them, I can't even handle it! Just wish Chaz, Amber, and Selah were in there

The Four Founders as teenagers: Godric (far left), Helga (center left), Rowena (center right), and Salazar (far right). Art by burdge.

Older Westly kissing Older Will with their wings retracted because they're in public. I love this!!!!❤️

You got admit that if the Cats Eye Chronicle were modern teen story, I can imagine Crash and Sora will be like this.>>>>Previous Pinner, idk what this fandom is, I LOVE the art piece :)

Male manga eyes- mostly for use in shonen, bi-shonen, and shonen/shojo-ai.

Chart showing different styles of eyes for male anime/manga characters. All notes are written in Japanese!: pissed of anime eyes male gestures moods

Drawing Tips Noses

how to draw - nose character design references mangá face draws drawing references references inspiration deviantART cute japanese japan anime notmine .

How to draw hands More

Simple sketching tips. Quick hand-legs-foot tutorial by `Hellobaby on deviantART I was just struggling to draw hand palm side out the other day. THis will be so helpful in the future.