Geometric tattoo.

Geometric ink on the inner arm. Triangles and perfectly aligned lines ♥


I like this a lot. It reminds me of the time I went to Mauritius and ate pineapple for the first time. The health benefits of pineapple

geometric tattoos

In love with the idea of a double triangle tattoo. I would maybe have them pointing upwards and placed on the inside of the arm.


75 Graphically Gorgeous Geometric Tattoos maybe a couple tattoo idea, one triangle inside the other triangles represent strength and stability or what not. i can find meaning in this


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back above elbow. one side love, one side faithfulness like Proverbs 3:3

Oh my goodness. I want a "joy" tattoo so badly ever since last summer. I love this font. I'm not sure about the placement, but it's pretty cool. Plus, this would be a meaningful tattoo for me, not just a frivolous thing.


arrows tiny tattoo- i loveeeee this. if i get a tattoo, it will be just one tiny arrow, on my foot antebraço

half sleeve

Tattoo of a poppy flower on the arm of a woman. In the bottom of the tattoo there are also various mushrooms. All the work looks similar to the dra