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two people are standing in the dark with ladders on their sides and one person is walking away from them
Gregorios Kythreotis(@ShedworksGreg)さん / Twitter
Greg Kythreotis(@ShedworksGreg)さん | Twitter
an assortment of colorful objects hanging on a wall in a room with blue walls and wood accents
Shapes & Colours
An exploration into different colour combinations and materials. This is an ongoing project for me exploring Octane render in Cinema 4D, as well as it being a creative avenue for me to explore.
an abstract blue background with various shapes and sizes, including a ball, cone, pencils, and other objects
Do You Respect Wood?
Do You Respect Wood? on Behance
a white teapot pouring water into a cup on top of a wooden block in front of a pink wall
Wissotzky Green
an escalator with red lights going down it
incredible-pictures.com - we are the best in what we do
Barbie Store, Shanghai, reminds me offff..hmmm..pppsssss
a woman standing in front of a neon lit building
"Cadillac Jack's" by Jam Sutton, via Behance More
a white plate with two lights on it and some sticks sticking out of the side
Quipsologies: Vol. 113 | No. 22
Beautiful set of letters by Leonardoworx that combine geometry and neon lights done in Photoshop and Maxon Cinema 4D.