Colombia - Blue house and banana tree. Cette association de couleurs est parfaite! Beatiful Colombia!!

Blue house and banana tree .Newer Older Providencia island, Colombia- so maybe my idea of the aqua/turquoise color will work with the dark green.

i thought you loved me but that was all just one big lie because you were really just using me but i know all i ever was to you was a toy @josh i will never forgive you for what you did

☁whєn í lσσk αt thє stαrrч skч, í αlwαчs rєmєmвєr thє αdvєnturє wíth чσu.

Dr Martens lace-up boots -

18 Must Have Grunge Accessories and Clothing

#books Sunflowers on Sophie's commute to her cubicle in The Reverse Commute

I love sunflowers! My favorite flowers ever! I want to surround my house in a field of sunflowers!

Dead Gods, Broken Kings

☮ American Hippie Classic Rock Music Art ~ Vinyl Retro Vintage Record Store / Would love to have any/all classic rock \ general rock vinyls or cds!

#yellowaesthetic Yellow For Women Amazing From Yellow Pastel

Shades Of Yellow Color Names For Your Inspiration

#yellowaesthetic Yellow For Women Amazing From Yellow Pastel

Inspired! The photographic juxtapositions by Naro Pinosa are smart and fun. I love how two simple images mixed together can recreate a new concept.

Inspired – Naro Pinosa

composition/juxtaposition black and white filter the square photo uses two different pictures but combined as one to make something very unique