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Emily Jordheim

Emily Jordheim
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tree of knowledge // def want

Line: The book shelf in the room shows the use of line because the book shelf shelves are built against the wall forming a miniature tree. Our eyes are drawn to look at the book shelf tree from bottom to top and outward to the tree/bookshelf branches.

Steng kulden ute med gulvbelegg som isolerer! | Norges Beste GulvDeal

Texline er et lunt og behagelig gulv med optimal komfort.

bergere - blue and white/white and blue - large stripe / thin stripe

"These two stripes work together beautifully! The pillow with the white background and thin blue stripes plays off the bolder pattern so perfectly." If i hadn't seen this I would never have considered two different stripes on one piece of furniture.

such a cute primitive craft to make

These lights are a creative DIY idea for unique lighting in the kitchen! If you don't have cheese graters, maybe pick a different appliance? Lighting/ Unique/ Creative lighting/ Design/ Home decor