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Underwear and Lube Giveaway, 10 Winners!

Underwear and Lube Giveaway, 10 Winners!

"Fyte, Did you dye you hair? Agian? " "Don't ask the obvious"

August Montgomery the boy who's to feminine for some and to feisty for others. Witty and sharp tongued and a slight temper to boot. He embraces that he is not normal and that some will not be able to handle that but he takes it with pride

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Do you have a medium hairstyles? Are you planning to grow them longer or maintain them for a variety of hairstyle you can explore with?

How To Dress For The Skinny Guy Body Type

Skinny men, I hear your cry. It's hard to gain weight. People always ask if you're hungry. You're always having your athletic abilities questioned. Putting on muscle takes forever. Is it possible to put on mass with st


The closest thing I'm gonna get to a irl Ember Entity because apparently guys have problems with dying their hair yellow, red, and orange. Because I can get millions of pics of girls with it, but not guys.