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a raccoon wearing a cowboy hat and holding a pumpkin
Süßes oder saures
a brown dog sitting on top of a window sill
My friend just got a puppy. I think she picked the right one
golden retriever at the window
Hero dog is hero.
Hero dog is hero.
a dog is being petted by someone's hand
Beagle Puppy
Discover The Beagle Puppies Grooming #beaglelovers #beaglesoninstagram #beaglespuppy
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a white and brown dog with a blue backpack on it's back
a dog is looking at the camera on his phone
Eliza Murray | VSCO
VSCO - elizamurray - Collection
a dog wearing a hat with the caption mexican turtle on it's back
a brown dog standing in the snow with it's eyes closed
An old friend in the snow. Lovely dog. Would love a golden retriever with such a dignified face :)
a dog is being petted by a man on top of a mountain at sunset
Who's a good boy? - Animals
This dog always posts for pictures and travels with his owner everywhere.