Emilie Såtvedthagen

Emilie Såtvedthagen

Emilie Såtvedthagen
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Gudvangen, Norway by Espen Haagensen

Gudvangen, Norway by Espen Haagensen - A starry AND windy night and the Grindaflet hut in the Voss mountains. Quite a bit of snow to dig in order to get into the hut. The Grindaflet hut is a self service hut owned by the Norwegian Trekking Association and

Øst-Telemark  Bunadsdag på Norsk folkemuseum

Norwegian Bridal Crown -the bridal crown is a part of fabulous Bunad - folk bridal outfit. In modern time in Norway the Bunad tradition has become very popular.

Beltestakk costume from Telemark

FolkCostume&Embroidery: Beltestakk and Gråtrøje, Costumes of East Telemark, Norway part 1