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the viking rules are written in different languages
SPAIN / IBERIA / Archaeo - IBERIA. (Pre-Roman Spain) - iconos celtíberos
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an image of the egyptian god with two scales in front of him and his head on top
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Anubis Black and White Illustration Ancient Egypt Mythology
two drawings of a heart and a flower
Anatomic hearts tattoo design by Sasha Masiuk
a person with a tattoo on their arm that has circles and dots all over it
Tattoo Artist- Kookmin - Seventeenth Ink
Tatto indo This is the one I was looking for when we sat down together at the shop. I love something like this for the left inner forearm. If there could be more of a straight arrow through the center it would have he symbolism that I’m seeking: Picking a straight course through complexity, smudges (love the smudging on the circles, then crisp lines). I prefer this because it doesn’t go ‘tribal tattoo’, stays conceptual, mathematical - instead of ‘tribal warrior’
a man's thigh with three faces drawn on it
13 Minimalist Tattoos That Are Actually Made Using One Continuous Line
Mo Ganji's Single Line Tattoos Show Just How Beautiful Minimalist Designs Can Be
a person with a tattoo on their arm
New beginnings. I really like my job, and i really like my clients :)…
the back of a man's upper body with chinese writing and symbols on it
Artist IG @brunocavalcantips #vegvisir #vegvisirtattoo #norse #vikingtattoo #vikings #vikingcompass #norsetattoo #backpiecetattoo Thanks Bruno!!