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Grazing Frames - Plant Greens For Your Backyard Chickens. I wish I had chickens! But I travel too much!
Awesome roosts.. Plenty of room for everyone. Mine love to go as high as they can get!
Chicken wire with plants
Inside our chicken coop. The buckets make it an easy clean up, and the slanted roof prevents hens from nesting on top of the boxes.
Nice nest boxes: cheap, easy to hose out if they get nasty, easy to replace if they crack, etc. I likey!
Repurpose Old Tires into Chicken Baths || Weed 'Em and Reap More
Looks like Dean's building style. Nice and sturdy!
Ikea bag holder as rabbit hay rack. Cheap and smart :)
Here are my Mini Lop Bunnies and how I keep them occupied. Ensuring your bunnies are occupied and have a lot of stimulation ensures their wellbeing ensuring that your beloved bun is free from unwanted behaviours. New ideas added regularly. Bunnies June 2016.jpg
Blue Barrel hay feeder More