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an instagram page with the words work hard, dream big and never give up
Typographic Wall Decals - Say It Loud with Urbanwalls
Inspirational wall sticker including a variety of different font weights and types placed on a white wall. The wall quote includes various sayings such as "Dream Big", "Never Give Up", "Focus", etc.
an office wall with the words eat, break and collaborate written in multicolored letters
Image result for fun office break room ideas
people playing games in an office setting with blue walls and flooring, while two children are
The Wave Coworking Offices - Hong Kong | Office Snapshots
The Wave Coworking Offices – Hong Kong
people are playing pool in an industrial style room with graffiti on the walls and wood flooring
TripAdvisor - Needham Headquarters | Office Snapshots
an office with several chairs and desks in it
Office Design Idea - Create A Designated Quiet Area
This Office Design Has A Dedicated Quiet Work Area
several ladders are attached to the wall in a restaurant
Would You Eat Here? The World’s Weirdest and Most Wonderful Restaurants
Going out to eat isn't just about the food. It's about the experience, and a big part of that is the restaurant's design. While a beautifully designed space can certainly enhance your enjoyment of a meal, the restaurants we're talking about go beyond even that, with weird, wild and outlandish designs that perhaps overshadow even the food itself, for an experience you won't soon forget. The Bangalore Express restaurant in London features these incredibly unique two-story booths.
the inside and outside of a restaurant with wooden walls, windows, stairs and tables
This Cafe And Bookstore Has Hexagon Shaped Hideaway Spaces
This Cafe And Bookstore Has Hexagon Shaped Hideaway Spaces