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some food is sitting on a table with the words eat them warm and cold above it
Savoury Mini Muffins
Toddler muffins - this is a great blog for feeding a little munchkin grown up food @Danielle DuPey this site has some great recipes that you could make up and keep in the fridge for when needed
two pans filled with food sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
Mashed potato bites - perfect to freeze ahead for a quick mid-week meal!
there are some veggie nuggets on the plate
Your kids will LOVE these Veggie Nuggets!
Veggie Nuggets made with carrots and broccoli. Would be good with chickpeas and buffalo sauce instead of so much breadcrumbs.
a hand holding a piece of food in it's left hand on a green and white background
Lentil Croquettes - Healthy Little Foodies
Sweet potato, lentil and carrot croquettes. These little nuggets are perfect for blw but kids (and adults) of ages will love them! x
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small appetizers are sitting on a cutting board next to a muffin tin
Little Baby Lasagne (with egg and dairy free option)
These yummy Little Baby Lasagnes are sized perfectly for baby's hands when blw. These healthy lasagnes have a dairy and egg free option too.
several balls of food with coconut flakes on them sitting on a white counter top
This Apricot Balls Recipe Is the Perfect Pre-Gym Snack
5-ingredient apricot energy balls
raspberry and coconut breakfast balls on a cutting board with oats scattered around them
Raspberry Coconut Breakfast Balls - Healthy Little Foodies
These raspberry coconut breakfast balls are quick to prepare & are a perfect breakfast for on the go or at home. Oats, almond flour, coconut & raspberries.
stack of pea fritters on a white plate with text overlay that reads pea fritters
Pea Fritters - Healthy Little Foodies
Pea fritters are a great little finger food, ideal for baby led weaning (blw) Brilliant for pack lunch boxes and can be frozen.
a white plate topped with meatballs next to a bowl of sauce and a glass of wine
30-Minute Beef and Quinoa Meatballs
Quinoa Meatballs
an advertisement for a children's food product with pictures of different foods and vegetables
Baby Finger Foods with 50+ Recipes and Ideas. Healthy Snack Ideas!
50+ Fantastic Finger Food Recipe Ideas from Babies to Kids
broccoli patties with sauce on top and in the middle, ready to be eaten
Healthy Baked Broccoli Tots
Are you a broccoli lover - or a broccoli hater? With this easy-to-make app, it won't matter either way. You'll be munching away at these broccoli tater tots long before your realize you're getting a good helping of vegetables. Healthy eating for the win!
the process for making guacamole in a bowl
Baby Food Muffins
Baby Food Muffins made with avocado, banana, apple (no egg, no sugar, no butter; try substituting quick oats with baby oatmeal).
sweet potato and white bean baby puree
Sweet Potato and White Bean Puree - What MJ Loves™ - Official Blog
Sweet Potato and White Bean puree is an easy and delicious homemade baby food recipe your baby 6 months and older will love.