Else Mari
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Andrew and I finished the sink/window area of the builder-basic to rustic kitchen transformation we're working on over here, you've got to see this!
PRINTABLE Area rug size and placement guide on the Front Door blog.
Second floor cape, closet with slanted / angled ceiling. I never think to use the short wall to hang clothing...!
my ideal home...    attic closet, I would separate the bedroom and the closet with a curtain or French doors
garderobestang skråtak - Google-søk
Pretty bookcase for the family room - just add baskets for toys
A fabulous entryway! It makes a statement that your home is beautiful right from the start!
Living room corner sofa and shelving
2016 Trends for Living RoomLiving Rooms in Pink and Blue
After a year of working in my current setup, I've determined that my ideal writing room requires a comfy reading/editing couch and a big floofy rug.